Крепление Dahua DHI-ASF082Y для DHI-ASI8223Y

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Face Recognition Terminal

> Aluminium alloy housing with wire-drawing treatment; IP55 (Apply silica gel to gaps between the device and the wall. Liquid sodium silicate is recommended. For details, see the quick start guide.)

> 10.1 inch LCD touch screen; resolution 1280×800

> With 2 MP wide-angle dual lens, white fill light, IR light, and WDR

> Support face and password unlock; unlock by period

> User data can be stored at the access controller; can hold 100, 000 face images and work without network

> Face-camera distance: 0.3m-2.0m

> Face verification accuracy ≥99.5%; face comparison speed ≤0.2s per person; low false recognition rate Support liveness detection


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